Who We Are

About Culture Club
  • Mission Statement

    The world is full of beings conditioned to replicate a certain routine & support their materialistic needs, we think this is a tragic precedent for our students to follow. We want them to be explorers, risk takers, thinkers & challenge every boundary this capitalist civilisation has set up for them. We do not want them to be ready for the next big job opportunity but create so many that seeking knowledge becomes their way of life!

    Knowledge gives us the capability to think beyond & do what’s improbable. It empowers young souls to make challenging decisions, which in turn opens up an entire world of opportunities for them. A brilliant mind with a strong will is oblivious to impossibility.

    Our mission here is to provide young minds with immeasurable knowledge so that they can make these critical life-changing decisions, while encouraging them to do good in this world. In the eventuality, when we glance back and ponder on our accomplishments, we think nothing can be more gratifying than that.

  • Why We Do What We Do

    According to "IndiaToday", our country ranks 92 among 145 countries in Education. Should we worry?

    We should, for our future depends on it. We at CC want to change education & this is our humble effort to change how our children approach education. Through our research-driven approach & incorporating multiple disciplines of learning, we are trying to move an inch closer to becoming a place where the real meaning of education is “LEARNed”

    What makes us different!

    • Research Driven Content
    • Tablet based smart classes
    • STEAM™ Programme for Preschoolers
    • Reporting through CCES™
  • How We Approach this "Change"

    • Young Minds

      We hire young minds for a fresher world view!

    • Multiple Disciplines

      We integrate multiple disciplines through STEAM™

    • Complete Package

      Target developmental areas through activities!

    • Auto Update

      Keep on evolving through constant research & innovation!

  • Questions Unlock Knowledge

    We Arouse Curiosity in our Students
  • The CC Jingle

    Early Childhood Education "Reimagined"
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    Culture Club is a new non-franchise model, preschool (Ages 2-5) & activity centre (Ages 4-12), minutes from Zoo Road and Ganeshguri.
    We are small, independent and we pride ourselves in giving your little ones the best possible start in life – engaging imaginations and providing a fun, safe and welcoming environment to help them realise their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

    We aim to provide a safe, caring environment where children can develop self-help skills and are encouraged to become socially adept at the appropriate development stage.
    The children’s learning needs as well as their personal, social and physical requirements are respected and catered for so that they can utilize their potential to the best of their ability.
  • Dedicated classrooms with top skilled educators.

    Culture Club welcomes children, with the commitment to provide quality care and education to each child.
    We believe every child is a unique individual with varying needs, and we welcome the diversity that brings to our centres. All children deserve the opportunity for development and learning, and to experience a sense of belonging.
    • One Stop

      Preschool & innovative activities for your little one under the same roof.

    • Live Feed

      Watch your kid play & learn live HD, anytime, anywhere on demand.

    • Online

      View the details of activities online with reports & comments.

    • Global Curriculum

      Our curriculum is based on complete child development, with global standards.

    • Smart Classes

      All our classrooms are equipped with tablets & interactive display to help kids learn.

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