Complete Child Evaluation System
  • What is CCES™?

    At CC it’s been our constant endeavour to bring the best in your child through innovation & modern teaching techniques in both preschool and activities Aiding this process of constant innovation & modern thinking we bring to you our “Complete Child Evaluation System”

    HOW WE MESURE? For every child, brain development follows a similar path which encompasses the below-mentioned areas. All our content revolves around these areas focusing on each one of them as per the content of a particular subject in contention. E.g. Chess has a stronger cognitive content whereas dance has a stronger physical & emotional effect.

  • What are the Developmental Areas?

    There are four main kids’ development areas which include Physical (Motor Skills), Social Development and Emotional, Thinking (Cognitive Development), and Speech and Language Development. These domains of development are the main markers based on which we structure our activities & evaluate the results of the same for preschoolers to preteens (activities).

    The domains are interrelated; what happens in one domain influences development in the other domains. The skills and knowledge that children develop early in his life are the foundations for more advanced skills and knowledge.


    • Cognitive Development85/100
    • Language Development90/100
    • Social Development85/100
    • Emotional Development70/100
    • Gross Motor Development (physical)90/100
    • Fine Motor Development (physical)80/100
  • Area's Defined!

    What does these developmental areas mean?
  • Cognitive: Child’s development in terms of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, language learning, and other aspects of brain development and cognitive psychology compared to an adult’s point of view. Ability to comprehend problems and find solutions for the same.

  •   Language & Creative Expression: If the child is interested in reading & writing and is fluent in using the English language with good vocabulary, grammar and discourse. The ability of the child to put words together in a variety of ways and build different types of sentences and how efficiently the child can express himself /herself.

  • Physical: The ability of the child to sustain energy levels and stamina during activities; displays good gross & fine motor skills, the capability of performing increasingly complex actions. Development of correct body posture and balance and improvement of overall physical markers.

  • Social Competence: The child plays & gets along with others, is curious & likes to explore, respects adult authority & is able to control own behaviour, while expressing emotions at an age appropriate level & empathising with others.

  • Still Curious?

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  • How do i see these reports?

    It’s our endeavour to make things as easy as possible for you. Promoting this we have recently upgraded to a better school software which provides access to you on iOS & Android through native apps. When you login & select your child you can view the results of the current month’s evaluations along with historical data. You can even go ahead & compare the areas with the batch averages, highs & lows etc.

    I need more details?

    Each relevant marking is backed by subheaders which help us decide on the final score for your child. These subheaders aren’t uploaded online but are readily available at the school. Please coordinate with our front desk @ 73990-45678 & fix an appointment to review the same with our academic staff.

    Why is CCES important for our students?

    At CC we do our best to provide peak development for your child. Our efforts in the domain of content refinement & streamlining are backed by efficient & pinpoint reporting on the effects of our content on the specific areas of development. We adjust our delivery patterns to keep a balance between the areas as per your Childs age & development level. Backing our content with a sound evaluation system makes the system foolproof while providing the parents with transparent reporting.

    Am i being charged extra?

    As this is a part of our effort to bring transparency to the reporting process we won’t be charging extra for this facility.

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