• Holidays are for fun not for wasting time in front of the idiot box

    — CC
  • “CC SHORTCUT” is our version of fun during the holidays. Throughout the year we would be doing a few meaningful camps & will make sure your children engage in some productive learning through play. 

  • Last Event

    The details of our last event.

    We would be testing your Childs language skills through the “Spell Bee” competition on the 3rd of July followed up with a etiquette & body language session which includes “Dining & Socialising Etiquette Session + Body Language Training” which will enable your child to be more self-confident & make him/her stand out. The dates for the etiquette programme will be 5th, 6th & 7th of July.

  • What's Happening
    • Day 1 - Spelling Bee (3rd July)
    • Day 2 - Dining Etiquettes Session (5th July)
    • Day 3 - Socialising Session (6th July)
    • Day 4 - Body Language Session (7th July)



  • Details
    • Event Name
      Spell Bee / Etiquettes Session
    • Event Dates:
      3rd July & 5th-7th July
    • Time:
      10am to 1pm
    • Charges
      300/Spell Bee - 1700/Etiquettes Session
  • TED Talk on Linguistic Genius

    Explore the video to learn your child's linguistic genius brain. Train it through the spelling bee & give it the confidence to use language through etiquette sessions.