• Children

    Having Fun!!
  • What we Do?

    • Tailored Programs by Age

      Children are promoted to explore & learn through experiences which are tailored as per your child’s age and are as unique as your child.

    • Researched Curricula

      Our unique learning environment sparks physical growth and discovery while our integrated curriculum, which combines the traditional and the progressive, supports each student’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.

    • Curricula Based Activities

      Each activity has a unique curriculum developed in-house. Our innovative curriculum builds beyond the fundamentals as teachers encourage interactive literacy and thematic learning experiences

    • Complete Development

      Our focus on major areas of development, for all round progress enhances confidence, develops imagination and creative muscle along with teaching skills of communication and interaction.

  • Innovation Creates Modern Classrooms

    Come & See How We Innovate
  • What are the Parent's Saying?

    • “This place compares to the best I have seen all over India. Being from an education background I think you guys have done a tremendous job. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more fun and innovative activities being introduced soon.”

      Renu Chanda Das
      Source: School Notice Board
    • “Have enrolled my child for three activities and he is showing good progress in all, but the heartening thing is he shows much better behavior in general too. Great job guys this is the best thing I have done for my kid’s development”

      Antra Gogoi
      Budding Writer
      Source: School Notice Board
    • “Putting my anxious mommy mind at ease, CC is helping me raise my daughter in a way I had always envisaged.. they impart great values which are accompanied by a well-rounded, modern and activities oriented curriculum. I would like to recommend Culture Club to parents looking for a place to enroll their kids into, be it preschool or Activity classes…”

      Akshita Das
      Modern Mommy
      Source: Facebook Page
    • “My son, Roshan shows a lot of improvement & I am very thankful I have a good option of utilizing my child’s time now. Thanks to the excellent counselling you guys provide I was able to pinpoint the improvements in my son.”

      Rohini Sarawgi
      Home Maker
      Source: Facebook Page
    • “Yes, I love CULTURE CLUB.. first I enrolled my elder son here… I was so impressed that I enrolled my daughter there also…. she loves CULTURE CLUB and waits anxiously for Saturday and Sunday coz these two days are here CULTURE CLUB days……”

      Sumeet Jain
      Smart Father
      Source: Facebook Page
    • “My grandson was one of the first activity students at CultureClub and he absolutely loves goings there for his chess and skating classes. The ambience of the school is really nurturing and positive. I look forward to having another branch of CC in Guwahati really soon. Keep up the good work.”

      Vandana Agarwal Goyal
      Modern Granny!
      Source: Facebook Page
    • “Its a great initiative to come up with an institution like Culture Club which is maintaining its standards equally be it the infrastructure …the mentors ..the ambience.I really feel satisfied to have enrolled my son in CC and wish CC all the luck to excel and shine always”

      Maitreyee Nath
      Concerned Mother
      Source: Facebook Page
    • “A big thanks to Culture Club as it helps me as a mother to nurture my daughter’s extracurricular skills, be it dancing, skating or drawing. Within a few weeks, I can see a changed Jahanvi who is much involved in these activities. I would not miss a chance to wish good luck to CC in all its future endeavours…..”

      Mitushi Agarwal
      Happy Mommy
      Source: Facebook Page
  • Questions Unlock Knowledge

    We Arouse Curiosity in our Students
  • Amazing learning opportunities


    • Productive

      utilisation of time.

    • Acquire

      important skill sets.

    • Compete

      in the modern world.

    • Be confident

      for new challenges.

  • preschool guwahati

    • Foster creativity

      in your child.

    • Learn

      team work.

    • Improve

      grades in class.

    • Healthy

      living style.

    • Complete Reporting

      We do not rank your child. Frankly, we believe ranking is cruel but we do report & every month. Our reporting is based on all developmental markers namely Cognition, Language, Physical & Social & this helps you the parent to know which areas to work on.

    • Stringent Security

      We don’t trust anybody when it comes to your child’s security. You shouldn’t too!. 24/7 Surveillance, Instant Alerts, Live Feed, GPS Tracking are some of the technological implementations which makes sure your child is safe at CC.

    • Modern Curriculum

      Our philosophy of how we teach is inspired by Montessori, Waldorf & Reggio Emilia. We believe a school should evolve as per the current community it caters to as children learn the most while doing the very basic thing i.e. “Observe”

    • The 'Unique' Factor

      Every Child is Unique & so is their learning style & speed. We understand this & thus provide a fun, safe and welcoming environment so that we can maximize learning opportunities for your child & cater to individual needs.

    • Great Expectations

      We know we have fan following! & with that comes expectations. We always encourage positive parent participation through our Inheritance programme so that we get first-hand reviews from the real-life coach i.e. the PARENTS!

    • Give us a Try!

      Before you entrust us with your child’s future, TRY US. Through our Free Play & Trial Classes, we ensure you have all your questions answered before any commitments & your child settles well in the new learning environment.

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